January 30, 2015

The Downfall of Generation Y

A good friend of mine is one of the better writers I have know.  She has a great way of adding sarcasm to things that truly are annoying. I hope you enjoy her rant!  I know I did. 

The Downfall of Generation Y

Most people believe that the downfall of the human race will be
attributed to an incurable disease or giant asteroid. When, in all
actuality, it is much simpler. Humanity will be eliminated one by one
through the gruesome means of traffic incidents. Newspapers and
television programs report on deaths caused by teenage drivers who
were too busy texting to be bothered by such mundane tasks as watching
the road. I have also witnessed a dramatic increase in young adults
walking into traffic. Case in point, while driving through a
moderately busy intersection, four adult males stepped directly in
front of my car without pausing to observe the two lanes of vehicles
traveling in opposite directions. I was able to recognize them as
males due to the fact that they were covered in bad tattoos and
irregular piercings, however the look on their faces made them appear
as if they would be more at home swinging in the trees, throwing feces
at each other. I simply informed them of the fact that they were
morons, and drove on to my destination. However, this interaction made
me think, perhaps it’s the parents’ fault. After years of swaddling
these young babes in helmets, knee pads, wrist guards, shin guards,
and any other piece of safety equipment available for purchase at the
local mega-mart, these poor angels have grown to believe that they are
indestructible, thereby making crosswalks obsolete. Or maybe these
strapping bucks were not taught the theory of evolution and survival
of the fittest. Would it really be a disservice to the human race if I
eliminated them from the gene pool? Lastly, in this age of political
correctness, it could be lack of understanding when it comes to the
idiom “go play in traffic.” They just don’t know that it is another
way of saying, “leave me alone,” or, “you’re obnoxious.” Either way,
an additional warning may need to be added to all streets. “CAUTION:
Walking into traffic may be hazardous to your health and potentially
deadly!” And if they can’t read, just a picture of a man cut in half
by an automobile could suffice.

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  1. Hahaha! Anyone that knows my blog knows I appreciate sarcasm! This post reminds me… I just saw a video on Youtube the other day that’s a satire about the “YOLO” acronym being used these days, and it had a few traffic-related scenes. I can’t put it into words so you’ll have to find the vid.

  2. I keep telling my friend she needs to write more.

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