March 28, 2015

Help Stop an Inhumane Thai Sriracha Tiger Breeding Zoo

Below is a message from an old friend of mine, Please read her story and do what you can to help. I know you see many plees for help around the web but this one is near and dear to a friend, it isn’t a nameless cause that a group of strangers put together, it’s real live people that seen this tragedy. At the end you will be asked to follow a link, please do so and help out. It is in German scroll down to see the English version also, people we are on the net, use google translate or some other one if you are having trouble.

ok, i know handing out your email address sucks, and i know you read a dozen facebook posts a week asking you to aid some cause. but this is personal.
a couple of years ago, i was supposed to shoot a feature about the sriracha tiger zoo in Thailand. when i got there, i realized the zoo was breeding tigers for the Chinese medicinal market. the conditions were heartbreaking. cubs with chewed off ears, adults being held in a single enclosure by the dozens and constantly attacking each other as a result, festering wounds on faces from rubbing against cage bars, outright cannibalism. the cubs don’t leave their cages – which are about as large as a dog crate – for the first two years of their lives. and we’re talking over 400 animals here. shaken, i called my boss, we changed plans, finished the feature as an undercover story, revealed what was going on and aired it on the leading German network at prime-time, *bitch*. i contacted Peta. a lot of people
wrote letters.
i check periodically to see if the zoo’s still open, as i did this morning. it is. they’re still breeding tigers, and tourists are still funding it by visiting and paying admission, which blows my mind.
so here’s where you come in, superfriend! ♥ follow this link, add your name and email address at the bottom and automatically send emails out to the only people who have the power to shut it down – or at least an interest in doing so. the Thai ambassador in Germany, and the Thai tourist boards both here and abroad.
do it now, not later. 30 seconds! use that email address you have set aside for spam and unwanted newsletters! i will buy you coffee when i see you next. if you spread the word, dinner.
the link is in German, the letter at the bottom in English. just scroll down. thank you!

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